Post with fetched content


Eleventy Fetch fetches and caches resources - at configurable intervals.

This is an example of fetching external data.
In this case, my public repositories (with more than zero stargazer) and a cache duration of 1 day.

Endpoint editable in _data/github.js.


287 / Eleventy starter based on the workflow suggested by Andy Bell's


9 / -- Not production ready -- Pretty much the same as eleventy-excellent, but it gets its blog posts from a WordPress site


15 / Minimal starter for localized content, using Eleventy's own Internationalization (I18n) plugin

2 / My developer profile. It's built with Eleventy, Javascript and CSS. Based on my personal opiniated Eleventy Starter for client projects.

22 / My personal website built with Eleventy. It supports three languages.


8 / Starter for classic PHP WordPress theme. Based on the workflow suggested by Andy Bell's